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Kemmis of Prophetstown, Illinois, USA

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Edition 3.2 - 1 May 2010
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Decendants of William Kimmis


1. Letter written by Senator Walter D. Kemmis, Sidney Montana to Miss Harriet J. Crosier, dated 16 November 1933.

2. Tombstones at the Kemmis Cemetery, Loraine Township, Henry County, Illinois, USA.

3. Birth and death records, Henry County Recorder's Office, Henry County, Cambridge, Illinois.

4. Various SAR and DAR membership applications and lineage documents.

Table of Contents
Kimmis of Sushan, New York, USA
Kimmis of Novi, Michigan, USA
Crosier of ..., ..., USA
John L. & Irene Kemmis
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